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"The crutches are fantastic! Only one drawback, the metal spring pins to hold the adjustment broke within hours of each other after 5 months of hard use. Four bolts in the holes and they are as good as new."
From Tim from Minneapolis on 02/04/2012
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I broke my ankle, and drudged around in old crutches for a few days. I came across these on the web, then while watching an NFL game on TV, I saw a coach with them on the sidelines, so I figured I'd try them. I emailed the company, and received a live phone call on a Saturday almost immediately, and placed my order with Colleen. They were at my home in 2 days.

These devices are a big leap in design, comfort and utility over traditional crutches. I am a salesman in the biotech industry,..."
From Eric Echeverry on 01/21/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My husband, brother in law, father in law and I each lost our right legs in an air race show crash in September. We will each need crutches when not wearing our prosthetic for the rest of our lives. Mobilegs are amazing and will allow us to move about more comfortably than the traditional crutches. My husband is already using his and loves them. I should be able to start using mine in about 6 weeks ( hopefully)."
From Linda in Kansas on 12/11/2011

"I have had six hip replacements and walked with regular crutches for 10 years. Rhey have damaged my arms and shoulders and I live in continual paid 24/7. Today I received a pair of mobilegs. I lhope I can be mobil for another ten years. I just want to get out of the house every morning and be productive."
From dd from utah on 10/22/2011

"I am a 70 year old retired physician and have just had a revision of a prosthetic hip that was associated with significant loss of bone in my pelvis. I will have a similar procedure in about six months on the other hip. I was fortunate to be introduced to MobiLegs at the time of hospital discharge and have found them to be a superior product. They are easy to use, stable (no close calls for me), and comfortable, unlike other traditional ambulatory assist devices. I enthusiastically recommend them..."
From Dr. Dick from Seattle on 08/11/2011
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"Over the last 4 years I have had a knee replacement, 2 hip replacements, 1 ankle surgery and 1 ankle fusion. I have had to use walkers, knee walkers and old fashioned crutches. I didn't discover the Mobilegs until just before my last hip replacement; I saw article in Popular Science listing the "Best New Inventions."

These Mobilegs are simply the BEST crutches I have ever used!!! The way they fit under my arm with the "Ultra Saddle" that pivots and tensions up under my..."
From Richard from Los Angeles on 08/07/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I had an open fracture of my right talus and also broke the ring and small finger in my right hand. While in the hospital the therapist had me try both crutches and a walker for mobility when I was released from the hospital.
As soon as I got home I ordered a walker online and started a search for a new and improved crutch design. I saw the Mobilegs design and ordered them from I'm very pleased with the overall design and function of the Mobilegs. I find the ergonomic design much..."
From Steve from SW Washington on 07/27/2011

"I've been on my Mobilegs two months with a hip revision and have found them to be superb in reducing the adverse factor when using crutches. No "under the shoulder pain" and very comfortable hand grips minimized the load on my hands and arms. I recommend them without reservation. The therapists and doctors I worked with had never seen a pair of Mobilegs but were universally impressed with the design. I've demonstrated them for two friends who both decided to buy mobilegs. One addition..."
From Don From Spokane on 07/27/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I received my new Mobilegs one week after I had to have surgery for my hip. After four hours with them there is no way I will EVER use regular crutches again. Standard crutches caused tingling in my hands, pain in my elbows and pain in my shoulders. The ultra handgrips fit my hands perfectly and the saddle moves with my armpit as I walk, eliminating chafing. I have experienced no pain with my Mobilegs and they are great to walk on. These crutches are amazing and anyone on crutches has to buy them. "
From Ian from Boston on 06/28/2011
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"These crutches are AMAZING!! This is my 3rd time on crutches (1st 2 were knee surgeries, this time a broken foot) and I wish I had found Mobilegs sooner!! After 3 days on traditional crutches, I had more pain from the crutches than my foot! After receiving my mobilegs, getting around is so much easier... as a nurse I know how important ambulation is, and I am sooo thankful for your product! My problem now is deciding if I want the monarch wings or wood mobiskin... Thank you for your wonderful..."
From Tanya from Laguna Beach on 06/23/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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