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"I am an occupational therapist and recently successfully trialed Mobi legs with two clients. Compared to standard crutches the handle design enables a natural hand position (palm slightly facing back rather than towards the legs), decreases wrist strain and provides support through whole hand. The angle of the post/leg with the "rocker" style rubber bottom also provides a more natural feel. I LOVE this product and wish we could order them in CANADA!"
From Kim from Nova Scotia Canada on 09/03/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I badly fractured and dislocated my ankle about 2 weeks ago. I was told I'd be on crutches (or "non-weight bearing") for at least 6 weeks. When the ER gave me crutches, and I tried them out for the very first time ever (I've never needed them before) I wanted to cry from something other than the pain in my ankle - I could not believe how hard they were to use and how unbelievably uncomfortable they were. I thought I'd be forced to sit on the couch for 6 weeks - a hard prospect to imagine..."
From Jessica from NH on 08/20/2013

"These crutches are just an absolute dream! I just had foot surgery and the thing I dreaded more than the pain was the crutches. So body-conscious are these streamlined inventions that they have been my friends since I first laid eyes on them! Thanks!K"
From Denise, Cincinnati, OH on 08/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

" I was on Mobilegs for several months after hip surgery in March, and cannot stop raving about them. (Any chance I can get some commission on all the sales pitches I made to random strangers in the street?!?) I cringe when I see people on regular, old-fashioned crutches. If I had to do it again, I would not even consider anything besides Mobilegs. I was just on the website to recommend it to a friend, and really cannot believe that only 92% of users said they noticed an improvement over other..."
From ES on 08/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I just recently got mobilegs, and I think they're amazing. It's different than using regular crutches. So I have to break them in. I like how the arms tilt back with you when you crutch, and I like how the bottoms are curved, to crutch more frequently."
From Chrystal from West Virginia on 07/02/2013

"These are amazing. I used my mobilegs for two plus months last year following a periacetabular osteotomy (hip socket sawed free and reattached). I have used old-school crutches in the past and can't say enough good things about mobilegs. No armpit pain, no hand fatigue. As my recovery progressed I went for one to two hour walks up and down hills in Washington, DC and felt like I was flying. These are as much fun as a pair of crutches can be."
From Christina, NYC on 06/03/2013
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"Im a patient of the LA Sports Medicine group-Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. I stopped off to see my Doctor on the way to Hawaii recently--on tradition crutches. The cast room guy said to give them a try.

I cant thank Mobilegs enough. Once I got the hang of them-the 1st evening--we flew to Maui. On the 2nd day we were on vacation, I doubled the distance I could walk. First time in a few years I was able to get that far and do it fast. Each day Ive used them, my mobility has improved--dramatically. '

From EG From DC on 05/10/2013

"When I recently had a surgical repair to an old ankle injury, I was so discouraged by my crutches. The traditional sticks were cumbersome and so uncomfortable for my fused wrists and fatigued back. In those first few days, I truly thought my recovery would be hindered by my inability to comfortably get around. Although I had spent nearly a year on crutches with the original injury, I was now 16 years older, with other hindering conditions. Thus, I hit the internet, praying for a better option...."
From Susie from Lake Tahoe on 05/03/2013

"After suffering a catastrophic hip surfacing failure which included a broken pelvis, I was relegated to crutches for six to eight weeks of toe touch weight bearing. Regular crutches cause huge callouses on my hands, sore arms, sore neck. Looking for a solution online, I found Mobilegs Ultra. They are awesome. Now I am upright without any arm or hand pain. I'm fast too. Mobilegs will make the next month bearable. I have to wear a hip abduction brace which is not a low profile device. Mobilegs gives..."
From Lynn from Los angeles on 02/15/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My mom bought me a pair of Mobilegs Ultra and after being on regular crutches for 5 weeks prior to getting these I just love the mobilegs they are alot more stable and plain crutches were killing my wrists, and I'm happy to say my wrist pain is completely gone.I have and will recommend them to everyone.

Thanks Mobilegs
Danyale from Kansas"
From Danyale from Kansas on 02/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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