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"My 8 yr old son required multiple surgeries to repair an injured leg. When he tried the standard issue crutches, he found them difficult to use and uncomfortable and as a result he didn’t want to use them. Getting up and moving was critical to his recovery so we needed to find a way to make it easier for him to be independent. A friend recommended Mobilegs based on his daughter’s experience. Mobi’s customer service quickly put us in contact with a local supplier, and the supplier personally delivered..."
From Bill on 01/22/2015

"I had ankle surgery a couple weeks ago, and I ordered mobilegs in advance. I am thrilled. Not only do I not have sore underarms and wrists, but my back and the rest of my body don't feel beat up, like my last experience with crutches. "
From Nikki on 11/28/2014
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"Mobilegs are far superior to regular crutches and any other crutches I have tried. I have no pain in arms and love their design. Thank you Mobilegs. "
From Bob in Oceanside on 11/26/2014
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I injured my knee 1 week before we picked up an 8 wk old lab puppy. I do all of the dog training in our home and knew I would have a challenge or my hubby would need to do the job.

2 weeks after Jr came home, I got a pair of Mobilegs. That evening, I walked our pup twice as far as I had been able to just 24 hours earlier.

A year later--Im still on crutches but have lost 40 lbs because I'm more active and our pup has started field training with me by his side.
Couldn't be better"
From Golden Pups Mom on 10/23/2014

"I broke my ankle this summer and was fitted with a traditional pair of crutches. A friend loaned me a pair of his mobilegs to try and I was hooked. We ordered a pair and they were amazing. No more sore underarms and the rocker feet let me get around faster than my friends with two feet! The ergonomic design is amazing. I think every hospital, chiropractor, doctor, etc., should revert to mobilegs. I am back on my own two feet now, much to the credit of my mobilegs!"
From Brad from South Dakota on 10/21/2014

"I recently had surgery on my right knee to repair my ACL and Meniscus. My doctor order Mobilegs for me to use during my recovery. I was really nervous because this is my fist time every using crutches. But, I really like them. They are very easy to use and adjust. They are great."
From Lashann from Fort Worth on 08/16/2014

"I honestly do not know why they make crutches any other way. MobiLegs have totally changed my outlook on healing. Where walking around on crutches was a burden, and my hands and armpits would hurt, MobiLegs made it not only easy, but actually enjoyable. One thing I hated was going out places because people look at you a little weird with conventional crutches. These are sleek, understated, and if anything, cool. I really can't say enough - I tore my achilles tendon and have been documenting the..."
From Robert From New York on 08/03/2014
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I broke my leg 3 weeks before a European vacation that had been planned for over a year. I feared I would have to cancel my vacation, but after trying out Mobilegs, I felt confident enough to embark on the journey. I traveled throughout Spain, France and Italy (including up and down the bridges in Venice) with no problems. I heartily recommend Mobilegs to anyone who has to be on crutches. "
From Adelaide from San Francisco on 07/06/2014
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I finally got my Mobilegs and boy there is a big difference! No more underarm pain. They are light weight, &easier to maneuver than the standard crutches. I only use the left one, but it's also better than a cane! Thank You Doctor W.Faerber for recommending Mobilegs; ) "
From Patricia from Moreno Valley on 04/21/2014
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I've had about 17 surgeries on both knees, all of which were EASY compared to my A3 comminuted femur fracture that I got one week before Xmas in 2013. I had ORIF with plates and screws as the fx was to distal for a rod. It was 16 weeks ago today.....I saw my orthopod a week ago and I still have zero healing. I'm still no weight bearing too. So I treated myself to Mobilegs as they (the PT torturers) forbade me from using crutches and insisted I use a walker.....never got a reason why. Why are..."
From CAK on 04/10/2014
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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