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"I tore my ACL playing Volleyball and knew instantly I’d need crutches. Being an athlete in my younger years I had done the whole crutches thing before and knew there had to be a better option. So I went online and found Mobilegs! These crutches are light and work with the body. My doctor, PT, and chiropractor rave about the “smart” design. Worth the investment!!! "
From Marcie from New Braunfels, TX on 11/30/2017
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"FIVE STARS - I am speaking as a physical therapist who fell and broke my left hip. I have to be touch down weight bearing for 6 - 8 weeks. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. These crutches are perfect. The hand grips are at a perfect, joint protection angle. The crutches are amazingly comfortable for all my activity. They are worth every penny and my medical team is really impressed also as they had not seen these crutches."
From Anne from New Hampshire on 11/04/2017

"Sad that these are not covered by insurance....thank goodness for HSA's. I had knee surgery with 6 weeks of non weight bearing. Not comfortable with regular crutches, I left the hospital with a walker. Thank goodness I made the decision to get the Mobilegs. Also glad I was able to go to an office here in Minnesota not far from my home. Jack was great! If you need crutches for anything....get Mobilegs! "
From Sheri from St. Paul on 09/22/2017
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My daughter just had surgery and I twisted my ankle when I was carrying her laundry down the stairs. Jeff was prompt with an answer to my question and had us in and out of the store in a flash.Thank you for being there!"
From Chris from Littleton on 05/22/2017
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"These MobiLegs Ultra are a revolution. Period. I'm new to having to use crutches. I tried the traditional type, I tried the "Life Crutches", I bought pads, I wrapped towels - Nothing felt comfortable. I chafed and bruised my underarms. Then I ordered MobiLegs Ultra. It's like they were custom made just for me!
They are well built and even though they're lightweight, they really feel SOLID. I'm 6'1" and 240 lbs. These make me feel very secure. They are a set, not a pair..."
From PajamaGuy from MA on 04/08/2017

"I broke my Right Ankle and Fibula a few years ago. I underwent surgery and had a plate and eight screws inserted. I was given Mobileg Crutches to use for 6 weeks. They are the best and don't hurt your underarms. I had regular underarm Crutches when I had ACL Surgery in 2007, those hurt after a while. Mobilegs is the best invention ever, I recommend these to anyone who may need them. "
From Matt from Pennsylvania on 03/20/2017
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I own a Medical supply store in Texas and I had knee surgery. I had to be non weight bearing for 8 weeks. I used crutches from our store for 2 weeks and I had break down of the skin on my palms of my hands and they hurt under my arms even with extra padding. I cannot believe I did not know about these crutches until my doctor told me about them. OMG what a difference they made. I had no breakdown of skin, my hands healed and under my arms had instant relief. We now carry these crutches in our store..."
From Schura from Northshore Medical Supply on 10/05/2016
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"After my first 4 knee surgeries, I used conventional crutches. After my last surgery, I was given mobilegs. No comparison. The mobilegs rule! Insist on them if you are getting surgery. The ease and comfort go a long way to advancing your recovery. "
From Mark from Truckee on 05/02/2016
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I have plantar fasciitis and I needed to stay off my feet for 4 weeks. I tried the crutches from the doctor under my arms were killing me way too painful to use those. I got mobilegs ULTRA use them for 4 weeks absolutely love them. Under my arms do not hurt no rashes no lumps very easy to use works very good with your body. Would recommend for anybody."
From Deanna from Thousand oaks on 02/26/2016
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I bought mine after being diagnosed with tethered cord syndrome. I love that they are light, quiet, and very gentle on your arms and hands. I am 5 ft 2 in, and these easily adjusted to fit me. I am truly thankful to you for researching and developing these. Makes my life a bit easier."
From CK from Oklahoma on 02/17/2016
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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