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"Due to cancer in my hip I will be on crutches for the rest of my life. The old style crutches were killing my underarms and shoulders. I saw a few of the Pro football players with some strange looking crutches on TV and then saw them on a TV show call Agents of Shield. Found the website.... ordered them and love them so much that order 2 more pair. Thanks so much for the wonderful Ultra Crutches!
Saved my life."
From Dewayne From Georgia on 08/22/2019

"I had hip surgery on my labrum and was on crutches for 6-8 weeks, and these mobilegs were a game changer! They were incredibly comfortable, and didn't rub anywhere. I felt supported, moved well with them, and had no complications. I am so thankful that my co-workers recommended getting them. In the grand scheme of things, if you are making the investment to have surgery, it's worth every cent to buy these! "
From Blair from Denver on 06/15/2019
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I had an extensive hip preservation surgery and am still on crutches at week 6. Due to my condition it was hard for me to use the traditional crutches that the hospital gave me. I found Mobilegs Ultra and they have been so great for me, I can use them everywhere. The fact that the arm pads move around has really helped. I'm looking forward to being able to walk again, but might miss my Mobilegs a little bit!"
From Lauren in Florida on 03/21/2019
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I was in a horrible crash, broke 1 foot, 1 ankle, both shin bones & shattered both knees. When many months later I was able to use crutches, a friend loaned me his mobilegs. What an incredible set of crutches! It made getting around so much more easy & comfortable compared to the cheesy crutches hospitals give !!! If u EVER need crutches find a way to get these !!"
From Ruthie Wallace on 12/28/2018
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"Back in June of 2016 they were on backorder and I had just been placed on crutches for what I thought 8-10 weeks for a crack in my femoral head. I reached out to mobilegs to see if I could get on a waiting list or anything. I got an email right back that he had found a box with a pair in them and he offered to Fedex them the next day!!!! Fast forward to now Nov 2018 and I have had 7 hip/nerve procedures from June 2016- to currently recovering from another femoral nerve surgery and have been using..."
From Jen from DC on 11/23/2018
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I give my new Mobilegs an AAAAA+++. As soon, as I used them I was convinced that standard crutches should be replaced by Mobilegs in all hospitals, rehabs, and other healthcare facilities. I broke my ankle a week ago which is temporarily in a walking boot but still may need surgery. I was given a standard pair of crutches when I left the ER. I have had 2 TSRs as well as 2 TKRs and a lumbar spinal fusion so I am really concerned with protecting these numerous body parts. A knee scooter is out due..."
From Donna from New Jersey on 08/11/2018
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

" As someone who has played hard for along time, I have had several instances of being on crutches for an extended time. The last three I have used the Mobilegs and they are a life saver. I even got to the point I would go hiking using these. No need to just sit and wait to get better, you can keep living life and not be in pain uder your arms if you want to do things."
From Bruce Brooks from Cottage Grove on 07/06/2018

"Hi my Name is Wolfe aka Roadman. After Left Knee/Ankle surgery in April of 2012, I received my 1st Pair of (Mobi-legs Ultra) Crutches.. When I 1st opened the Box they came is I was extremely Surprised by their Look & Design. It took a few days to learn how to use them correctly. I absolutely LOVE the Fact that They're Labeled & Designed for Left & Right Side. I LOVE the Comfortable Saddle, Handle and Feet. In my Book I give them "5 out of 5 STARS..! I believe that I'm now on my..."
From Wolfe Cevorov aka "Roadman from Smash Mouth form San Jose, Ca. on 06/28/2018
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"These crutches are much more comfortable than standard crutches. Having to spend 6 weeks no weight bearing for a tibia fracture is no fun, but these make it easier. The handles allow one to carry items in a hanging bag or basket with a handle. This helps for more normal day to day functioning."
From Rebecca from Carbondale on 04/18/2018

"Left hip stress fracture. Thought of being on standard crutches for six weeks was not a good thought. I was recommended Mobilegs and I tell ya they rock! Lightweight, very comfortable all around. Get many comments on them "hey look at those fancy crutches" Also, being in the social service field most of my life it's so refreshing to see technology improving and the design/look of "orthotics" becoming less of a stigma. Way to go Mobilegs. Keep up the designing!! "
From Toni T from St.Paul on 02/15/2018
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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