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I've had about 17 surgeries on both knees, all of which were EASY compared to my A3 comminuted femur fracture that I got one week before Xmas in 2013. I had ORIF with plates and screws as the fx was to distal for a rod. It was 16 weeks ago today.....I saw my orthopod a week ago and I still have zero healing. I'm still no weight bearing too. So I treated myself to Mobilegs as they (the PT torturers) forbade me from using crutches and insisted I use a walker.....never got a reason why. Why are they called "walkers" as I'm only hopping with mine! And I fractured my right leg and I live alone, so no driving. I've been out of the house four times in four months. So since I now have a delayed and probably complete nonunion distal femur fracture, I treated myself to Mobilegs. They are simply the best crutches ever! It has been a huge lift in my spirits, given I'm facing bone grafts and another six months or more of no weight bearing, to be able to be a bit more mobile with Mobilegs! The pain has been so horrific, I had been content staying in the house, but now that the weather is so nice, I've longed to get outside. I can't even consider tackling even the one small step out of my house with a walker, but it is beyond easy with my Mobilegs! I feel very stable on these and I don't feel like I'm "teetering" or balancing, and I have no arm soreness or hand soreness. I can now easily get out to the back patio and enjoy the sunshine. Certainly makes facing the uncertainty of the future a bit easier knowing I can be safely mobile on Mobilegs (and I feel safer on my Mobilegs than I do on the "walker" (aka, "hopper")! So glad I discovered these while surfing the internet trying to find solutions to no mobility! Thanks so much to Mobilegs!

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