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Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

So I had been on crutches for three months when the doctor looked back over me and said, "you have to go back under the knife, we screwed up, sorry". An additional surgery and then an additional three months on these standard, metal crutches that bruise the living daylights out of your body bring me to the point in the story when I met Todd Nelson, the Director of Sales and Business Development for Mobilegs.

We were at starbucks, he was on his laptop, I was with my girlfriend and he did not know me. The adventurous soul he is, Todd took me aside, showed me this design and asked me if I were interested in trying Mobi's new product before it was released on the market. I said for sure. So someone finally redesigned the crutch, basically? Yes. The concept is as simple as bottling water, but no one has hitherto thought of it. Genius!

I am not your average person with an injury. I need to be out. I mean I had been couped up in my apartment for nearly six months I was not about to use a product that hindered my mobility whatsoever. I have been on Mobilegs for two months now plus. And was afraid that perhaps the reason no one has revamped the crutch industry in fifty years was because there was no where to go with regards to design. So wrong.

The future is clearly here. In addition to hitting the jackpot with regards to the design and functionality, Todd brought me into the office, I met the staff and design team and these guys and girls have that entrepreneurial spirit, that make it work. And success is this companies' future! I want dibs on the IPO when its released. I'm serious. At any rate, I can almost walk. My mobileg experience will be drawing to a close here soon. I wanted to say thank you. The balance of my time on crutches I spent not bruised, not sliding around on wood floors, and not afraid that what was suppose to be holding me up was more of a liability than an asset. That's how you put a product on the market that leaves its customers satisfied. Todd, Thank you very much. Here is to success!

Bryan Levine

Review from Bryan Levine From NYC to the Minni

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