Mobilegs Crutch Review

I tore my ACL a week ago and am looking forward to surgery to rebuild the ligament as well as a long period of therapy to "get back on my feet". After receiving my traditional crutches at the clinic I have struggled to comfortably move and go about my daily tasks without the added pain in my hands, elbows, and shoulders. I was feeling depressed about the pain and ultimately the resulting isolation. Knowing that I would need to use crutches for many weeks I though I had to find something better. After receiving my Mobilegs I feel more optimistic and now look forward to getting out-and-about! They are tremendously comfortable and easy to use. I feel secure when I move and also realize a much greater range of movement than with the traditional style crutches. I am grateful to have found these early in my injury so that I won't have to suffer with my other crutches for very long. Thank you!

Review from Jennifer from Minnesota

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