Mobilegs Crutch Review

I am an RN, who has worked in-patient Rehab for several years. Now, I'm the patient and have been on and off crutches for the last two years, as doctors have tried to return my badly damaged foot to a "workable" condition. Finally in July of this year, I elected to have an amputation. (Below the knee, or BKA). During this time I have used my Mobilegs instead of the crutches issued to me by my physician. They are marvelous! Wonderfully easy to adjust, light but strong and dare I say, quite fashionable! I get many questions about them from people when I am out and about on them. They all want to try them, to see how they work and invariably ask me how to get a pair. They are so much easier to use compared to classic crutches, they tuck comfortably under the arm, providing comfortable support without hurting or pinching the nerves in the armpit, and provide a boost in forward momentum, stay propped up when you rest them against a wall or counter, they make my life SO much easier. I carry them in a sling on the back of my wheelchair so that I always have them handy. Something "old fashioned" crutches don't do because they are far too wide at the mid-base area to fit the sling well. The support gives me confidence as I learn to use my prothetic and my prosthetist thinks they are making this new facet of my life much easier.
My Physical Therapist loves them as well, making others try them out during my sessions in re-hab! Even my Orthopaedist loves them. When I came to my first post-op visit, he adjusted them to fit himself and was off down the hall to show his fellow practitioners the newest thing. I've given out all the handy little cards that came with them, the ones that let people know where to obtain a pair! Just tonight, Sept. 30, 2013, I ordered a pair for a fellow patient at my re-hab office. She has a badly shattered leg and was struggling so with her standard crutches that I couldn't bear to watch. I know that she's not able to afford a pair, as things are a bit "tight" for her right now, so I plan to surprise her with them next visit, because I believe they will of great benefit to her in her recovery. I am not a young person, having just turned 65, and believe me when I say these are the best of the best! Thanks ya'll!

Review from Lesley from Georgia

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