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Review of Product: Mobilegs Universal

I was up against my third ankle surgery when I started perusing the Internet for something different than traditional crutches I despised. The skin under my arms would be callused and my hands would just ache-- not something I really wanted to repeat. About the same time, a design blog I follow did a feature on Mobilegs. I was enthralled! (Crutches aren't something that generally makes one smile, much less get excited. Trust me. I know.) I immediately went to the website and devoured all the content. *This* was truly revolutionary...and I am a sucker for great design. Mobilegs are the iPhone of crutches-- a true game changer.

I had my surgery last week. My doc and the hospital staff were amazed at how cool and functional they are. One doc noted "it's all about the hands," and indeed it is. Er, rather, it isn't. See, my hands aren't sore at all. My underarms aren't raw or calloused. I have been out more and able to get where I wanted to be...independently. Hills that were unapproachable on traditional crutches are perfectly fine now. I am quicker and more steady. Something else that you don't think about-you can hold both of them with one hand without them clattering all over the place. This means you can stick them in your car or behind the couch or whatever--quietly and efficiently--without losing your balance!

It's true-- I am rambling a bit. But if you are reading this, there is a good shot you doing so because you have found yourself suddenly in the position of hating the crutches the ER doc gave you, or like me, you are planning ahead and looking to alleviate pain and suffering. Mobilegs have been the best part of my recovery. I promise you, your body will thank you and everyone will ask you about them...probably because they have been stuck on the old crutches too!

Review from Kris from Vermont

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