Mobilegs Crutch Review

Im a patient of the LA Sports Medicine group-Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. I stopped off to see my Doctor on the way to Hawaii recently--on tradition crutches. The cast room guy said to give them a try.

I cant thank Mobilegs enough. Once I got the hang of them-the 1st evening--we flew to Maui. On the 2nd day we were on vacation, I doubled the distance I could walk. First time in a few years I was able to get that far and do it fast. Each day Ive used them, my mobility has improved--dramatically. '

You did a fantastic job designing these crutches as they are an helper-not hindrance in getting around. They have become a conversation starter--in elevators-on the street--many people have asked me about them. If K-Joc is using them, there is a good reason why. Mobility is the name of this difficult game and you've " cracked the code"
Thanks Mobi

Review from EG From DC

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