Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

After suffering a catastrophic hip surfacing failure which included a broken pelvis, I was relegated to crutches for six to eight weeks of toe touch weight bearing. Regular crutches cause huge callouses on my hands, sore arms, sore neck. Looking for a solution online, I found Mobilegs Ultra. They are awesome. Now I am upright without any arm or hand pain. I'm fast too. Mobilegs will make the next month bearable. I have to wear a hip abduction brace which is not a low profile device. Mobilegs gives me the ability to comfortably accommodate the brace. Everyone who sees them wants to try them. If you have to use crutches, even for a short period of time, these are the ones to use. I am surprised that hospitals don't dispense them for patients that will need crutches long term. It hard to imagine loving crutches but I do. They saved me a lot of discomfort .

Review from Lynn from Los angeles

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