Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Universal

I bought a pair of the Mobilegs Universal crutches on my way home from the hospital in March 2012 for use while recovering from a fractured hip and paralyzed right lower leg. Almost a year later, I am still using them daily as my recovery has been delayed by complications. These crutches have been amazing! They are stable, light weight, great for walking longer distances, they fit easily into the overhead compartment of commercial airplanes for easy travel, likewise into our small car, can be shortened easily if necessary for transport and reset to my functional length in seconds for immediate use upon arrival. The crutch tips are very secure and have yet to be replaced. My only less-than-positive comment is that after several months of use they became a little noisier with use, but this is a minor issue and well worth the trade-off for their many advantages over standard crutches, which I also own but rarely use as I much prefer my Mobilegs. I recently lost the small pin that holds the black grip to the crutch metal frame and received an immediate response from a Mobilegs Customer Service Representative who could not have been kinder or more helpful and a set of replacement pins are en route to my house now. After 11 months of daily use my Mobileg crutches look nearly as new as the day I bought them. This well-designed, high quality product, and their Customer Support, receive my highest recommendation as a patient and physician.

Review from Dr. Jack from Napa

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