Mobilegs Crutch Review

I broke my leg and ankle. Had surgery and was ordered onto to crutches for three and a half months.

After two months on regular crutches, however, my underarms, hands and forearms were causing a whole different set of painful problems. Between the broken leg/ankle, underarms, forearms and hands, moving around was difficult and draining.

Don't make my mistake and take two months to get MobiLegs.

Get MobiLegs as soon as you need crutches. They are infinitely better than traditional crutches. Not only is the underarm, forearm and hand pain completely gone but my whole attitude is much better. With the old crutches, I avoided going out or moving around the house because I did not want to deal with the pain. No longer. Now I am out, getting fresh air, seeing people and my overall attitude and outlook is much, much better.

Review from Thankful in Wilmington, Delaware

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