Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

After breaking my ankle and a painful first few days trying to get around on traditional crutches, I was compelled to find a better product. After a few google searches and reading some reviews, I decided to make the move with mobilegs. 2 day urgent shipping was an easy choice if it meant less time in pain then with the standard issue. I was thrilled when my mobilegs arrived and even more thrilled at how comfortable they made mobility for me. This product does not hurt to use, like tradition crutches. They are light and support agile movement. If you care about your quality of life during your recovery, then the investment in mobilegs is a no brainer. Everyone I see on crutches I recommend the product too... That is if they don't approach me first and ask about them. I am compelled to see others find the same peace in mobility I have with MobiLegs!

Review from Christian from Portland, OR

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