Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Universal

Pros: Much more comfortable on the hands. Once you get the hang of it, you are definitely faster and it takes a bit less core strength in order to use these overall than with regular crutches. They are lightweight and look cool especially if you buy skins ( I bought the birch skins which are stickers to put over the aluminum and look nice). I am happy with purchasing this model instead of spending fifty more dollars for the "ultra". I have seen reviews that the ultra has aluminum at the armrests which is potentially painful if you wear sleeveless shirts; I quite often do around the house since it's almost summer. I happen to be a registered nurse and I work in an ambulatory orthopedics clinic; our orthopedics techs agree the design is clever and is quite an improvement over regular crutches.

Cons: Stairs are more of a challenge; you need to kind of put them together and cross them over at the handles to make them work for stairs. Maybe in the future with upcoming models this issue could be addressed maybe with a clip at or below the handles so they stay together for stability. There is a right and a left crutch; regular crutches you do not have to worry about this detail. No big deal really, as you quickly learn to have the brand name facing in on each side just a quick glance. They also tend to fall down when resting against a wall unless you situate them with handles facing each other. I end up putting them on the floor when I have the space to be able to do so. The skins which I mentioned above that I like I feel are overpriced. Basically for four large stickers you are paying $30. I feel a more reasonable price would be about half of that. Also, it's kind of not very nice to charge more for shipping for the cheaper model than for the ultra model.

Review from Gretchen from Denver

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