Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

I have been very pleased with my mobilegs following ankle surgery and am starting my seventh and final week on them. They are so much more comfortable than traditional crutches. I just had one difficulty with the design, which I was able to overcome - but barely. I am just under 5 ft tall and these were advertised as being the right length for people even shorter than I am. However, I quickly found that, although I could shorten the overall length to my needs, I could not get the handles as close to the saddles as I needed. There is still plenty of room to shorten the length of the crutches themselves but anyone needing them that short will never be able to reach the handles. I was able to get them useable by sliding the top post down as far as it would go, even past the last hole for the bolts. It would be better if I could have gotten the top even a little shorter than they are to prevent so much auxillary pressure when I use them but at least I am able to put most of my weight on my hands. I have no idea how anyone with arms any shorter than mine could use these. All of this being said, I am still very grateful to have had the mobilegs during this healing time. Each time I tried traditional crutches, I was instantly sore. I can use mobilegs much of the day fairly comfortably.

Review from Gina from Pennsylvania

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