Mobilegs Crutch Review

I had major foot surgery 7 weeks ago,which has required me to be non-weight baring for 9. After some research, and having standard crutches for one week I ordered my Mobilegs Ultra online and received them within a week. They have been AMAZING! I am petite and found them light and very easy to get around on. Very stable and secure. The ability to adjust the distance between the arm rest and hand grip was especially great and I lowered them even beyond the bottom notch safely because of the bend in the shaft. This made them the perfect height for my somewhat short arms. I also added a sheepskin cover to the arm rest which made them even more comfortable. I cannot recommend these enough...great price, quality and comfort helping to make my recovery time more they look really cool! I believe Mobilegs are the best crutches available!

Review from Deborah from Seattle

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