Mobilegs Crutch Review

I had foot surgery in mid-June and have had to be non-weight bearing for the past 6 weeks. I recommend getting both mobilegs and the iwalk-free (hands-free crutch).

Without question, mobilegs are more comfortable than standard crutches. I got rid of the old crutches. I now use mobilegs in the house and the iwalk-free when I leave the house. Mobilegs are great for short trips, to get yourself from the couch to the bathroom, etc., but to make food, work out, get groceries, go to the coffee shop, I need to be able to use my hands, so I use the iwalk-free.

As much as I like mobilegs for short distances, I will say that the quality of construction is not as good as the design. I only use the mobilegs indoors on hardwood and carpet. Even so, I had to replace the rubber feet after 3 weeks. They wouldn't have lasted a week, if I used them outside on the sidewalk. The construction of the hand grips was not up to par. The plastic cap on the right grip protrudes and can catch on things. They have a great design, I just hope they improve their quality control at the factory.

Despite the lower than expected quality of construction, I'd still recommend mobilegs over standard crutches, but I'd recommend the iwalk-free over the mobilegs.

Review from J from SF

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