Mobilegs Crutch Review

I had an open fracture of my right talus and also broke the ring and small finger in my right hand. While in the hospital the therapist had me try both crutches and a walker for mobility when I was released from the hospital.
As soon as I got home I ordered a walker online and started a search for a new and improved crutch design. I saw the Mobilegs design and ordered them from I'm very pleased with the overall design and function of the Mobilegs. I find the ergonomic design much more comfortable than the standard crutch. I ordered the Ultra and couldn't be more pleased with them. The ultra grips are excellent and my two broken fingers are not a hindrance due to the ultra's design of the grip. My hand is very comfortable and I am able to manipulate the right grip with no problems at all.
I would have preferred to have the standard anodized aluminum frame instead of the white powder coat that comes with the Ultra. I also expected the Ultra tips to be included in my order but received the standard rocker tip. Are the Ultra tips going to be available soon?
Overall a great product!

Review from Steve from SW Washington

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