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Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

So I had ankle surgery a little over a week ago. Got the standard metal crutches and was surprised at how much it hurt my palms. Ive busted up my legs quite a bit over my life and spent plenty of time on crutches, including about a 2 month period when I shattered my ankle back in 96. That was when I was a young man apparently, because I felt like a bitch on standard crutches this time around. I remembered reading about some new crutches in pop sci last year so I went googling and found them.

I bought them 2 days after surgery and received them Thursday of last week, exactly one week after my surgery. ~ $110 with shipping, standard crutches were $25, so there is a premium to pay. These things are miles better than a standard crutch though. The handle angle and material takes all the pressure off your palms and puts it into your grip in a more natural arm position. The tops are a rubber web that flexes with movement, you essentially dont have anything jamming into your pits, its more of a hammock that your pit lays in (normal crutches shouldnt jam into your pits when used properly, but youll eventually do it due to fatigue or while standing around).

Coaching soccer last week with the standard crutches killed my hands. Im actually looking forward to practice tomorrow because of these things. If you wind up with a busted leg I highly recommend finding a pair of these and using them.

Review from Happy Mobilegs user in Killeen TX

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