Mobilegs Crutch Review

On Nov 18th I was hit by a car. Through the beginning of December, I was in a wheelchair and not looking forward to going on the crutches I'd been issued [I'd used crutches before after a stress fracture from running]. Very soon after, my daughter told me she had ordered a pair of Mobilegs for me and showed me a picture of them. I actually stayed in the wheelchair until they arrived! Everywhere I go, people comment on them -- strangers, my physical therapists, doctor, friends and colleagues! They are so light and comfortable, they gave me a true sense of stability.

My PT people have already recommended them to other patients! And why not, they make you feel like a rock star.

Two weeks ago, I graduated from crutches to a cane and I really miss my Mobilegs!! I imagine I'll be done with the cane by the time a Mobicane comes out, but if not I'll definitely be first in line to get one!

Review from Whitney from Baltimore

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