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Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

Around summer of 2010 I read about your product and instantly thought of my father. You see he's no longer able to work or play because of a Pandora's Box of maladies that have hit him in his later years. In his younger days he was very active and I would actually classify him as an Alpha Male type who was, and still is, very competitive. When his hip went and cancer hit he fought through it all; but was left with an extreme loss of mobility. He refused to confine himself to a wheelchair; mainly for personal pride.

So now he lives on his crutches. It's his only way to get around. I bought him a pair of the Mobi Ultra for Christmas and I have to say it was easily the best present I gave this year. In fact he wasn't on his new crutches for ten minutes before he handed me his old pair and asked me to "put them in the trash". So when I say that your product actually makes his life easier. I'm not saying it's a six-month and then he's back at it, easing to his life. I'm saying it's a full-time, until he finally succumbs to his wheelchair, type of thing.

I spoke to him recently to see how he was holding up with his new crutches and he just loves them. So in closing I just want to say Thank You and to keep up the good work.



Review from Omar from Los Angeles

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