Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Universal

Back in June of 2016 they were on backorder and I had just been placed on crutches for what I thought 8-10 weeks for a crack in my femoral head. I reached out to mobilegs to see if I could get on a waiting list or anything. I got an email right back that he had found a box with a pair in them and he offered to Fedex them the next day!!!! Fast forward to now Nov 2018 and I have had 7 hip/nerve procedures from June 2016- to currently recovering from another femoral nerve surgery and have been using my mobilegs majority of that time fram.... sucks I know BUT, these mobilegs have truly been the greatest purchase I feel I have ever made. I know I know that’s a big thing to say but when you are on crutches for almost 3 year now and you find something that brings you so much comfort and ease as these do you are beyond thrilled! They have been such a joy that you tend to almost (almost) forget you are on crutches at all. I also get so many compliments on them that I started taking them as personal compliments :). I have flown multiple times with them and they are incredible lite and breakdown so easily to fit in the overhead bins. I am truly grateful for finding and purchasing these and for the rep that found that pair and kindly rushed them to me. I feel I should be a rep for mobilegs at this point as I have had such an amazing experience with them and have nothing but positive things to say. If you find yourself in the unfortunate need for crutches these HAVE to be your purchase and then donate the terrible silver ones the dr gave you. Thank you again as these have made my recoveries so much better and easier.

Review from Jen from DC

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