Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

I give my new Mobilegs an AAAAA+++. As soon, as I used them I was convinced that standard crutches should be replaced by Mobilegs in all hospitals, rehabs, and other healthcare facilities. I broke my ankle a week ago which is temporarily in a walking boot but still may need surgery. I was given a standard pair of crutches when I left the ER. I have had 2 TSRs as well as 2 TKRs and a lumbar spinal fusion so I am really concerned with protecting these numerous body parts. A knee scooter is out due to my knee replacement so crutches are the alternative. The tops of Mobilegs are so very comfortable for my underarms with less pressure on my shoulder replacements. They are also easier to manage with having knee replacements and spinal fusion. I am overjoyed to have found and have been using such a great invention as Mobilegs.

Review from Donna from New Jersey

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