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Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

I am a subscriber to Popular Science Magazine. On the 12th of Nov 2010, I had a ladder go out from under me as I stepped onto it, from a 2nd story roof. I fell directly onto my left heel, which amazingly took the entire force of the fall. I did not have a scratch or bruise on my body, but I did have a severely fractured calcaneus. Anyway, I was almost shocked to read (my just received Dec 2010 PS Issue) about the Mobilegs and how they came about. It seemed almost prophetic. After discussing it with my wife I decided I had to own a pair of these. While in the hospital (VA Hospital Portland Oregon), I discussed with the
Physical Therapist, that I had ordered a pair of these. She is very interested in getting a report. I have had them now for about a week, and I think they are a much more comfortable crutch, as advertised. The fact that the hand grips are at a proper angle so that I am using my forearms rather than armpits to carry my weight. I appreciate the overall lighter weight of the crutches. Also the design of the rubber tips help to sort of roll along and still have a solid connection to the floor. I had my first post surgery appointment yesterday, 22 Dec. 2010. My wife dropped me off at the main hospital
entry, while she parked the car. I got myself to the orthopedics in no time flat. I was zipping around those hallways like a seasoned veteran. I can honestly say these mobilegs are a vast improvement over the old standard wood crutches I had before.

Marti from Portland Oregan

Review from Marti from Portland Oregon

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