Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

Hi my Name is Wolfe aka Roadman. After Left Knee/Ankle surgery in April of 2012, I received my 1st Pair of (Mobi-legs Ultra) Crutches.. When I 1st opened the Box they came is I was extremely Surprised by their Look & Design. It took a few days to learn how to use them correctly. I absolutely LOVE the Fact that They're Labeled & Designed for Left & Right Side. I LOVE the Comfortable Saddle, Handle and Feet. In my Book I give them "5 out of 5 STARS..! I believe that I'm now on my 3rd Pair of them, due to some New injuries over the Past few Years. I recommend these to ANYONE I come across with REGULAR Crutches & tell them where & how to Order them.. I will continue to Use MOBI-LEGS whenever I need to use Crutches both Now & in the Future..... Thank You Mobi-Legs, You're the BEST...!!!!!!! Sincerely, Wolfe Cevorov aka Roadman from San Jose, California

Review from Wolfe Cevorov aka "Roadman from Smash Mouth form San Jose, Ca.

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