Mobilegs Crutch Review

These MobiLegs Ultra are a revolution. Period. I'm new to having to use crutches. I tried the traditional type, I tried the "Life Crutches", I bought pads, I wrapped towels - Nothing felt comfortable. I chafed and bruised my underarms. Then I ordered MobiLegs Ultra. It's like they were custom made just for me!
They are well built and even though they're lightweight, they really feel SOLID. I'm 6'1" and 240 lbs. These make me feel very secure. They are a set, not a pair - one is designed for your right side, the other for your left. The armpit piece is a saddle and it's SPRING LOADED! I can't tell you how comfortable they are. No extra padding needed.

They curve to make the "tripod" stance feel natural. The hand grips are molded, non-slip, hi-density rubber.

I actually look forward to using them - with the other types, I dreaded the thought of having to go anywhere - The MobiLegs Ultras have given me mobility again! No, they're not cheap, but they're not cheaply made. They're worth every penny.


Review from PajamaGuy from MA

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