Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

I own a Medical supply store in Texas and I had knee surgery. I had to be non weight bearing for 8 weeks. I used crutches from our store for 2 weeks and I had break down of the skin on my palms of my hands and they hurt under my arms even with extra padding. I cannot believe I did not know about these crutches until my doctor told me about them. OMG what a difference they made. I had no breakdown of skin, my hands healed and under my arms had instant relief. We now carry these crutches in our store because of my experience with our crutches and they are money well spent. Thanks Mobilegs for coming up with these crutches otherwise I think I would have used a wheelchair more in my case and that would have slowed down my progress in getting back on my feet.

Review from Schura from Northshore Medical Supply

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