Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

Few things purchased in life work as well as advertised. Even fewer out-perform your expectations. Mobilegs is one of those products. I was on crutches over a 6 month period for two separate operations. After using the standard crutches supplied by the medical facility for a couple of weeks I purchased Mobilegs. What an incredible difference. Since I have been off the crutches I have let numerous family and friends borrow them and EVERYONE had the same reaction I did. What really surprised me is when I had returned to the Orthopedic Surgical Center, the Hospital for follow up visits AND the Physical Center Facility - everyone's reaction was the same - "Wow-those are really cool-where did you find those?" I was shocked and told them-shame on them - they're in the business - they should be letting their clients know about these! I have given your company name and info to more people than I can count. I salute you on an amazing product.

Review from CHRIS SEMENZA from Saratoga, New York

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