Mobilegs Crutch Review

I purchased these in July of 2014. They were recommended by another person on crutches. I've had 14 surgeries on my hip over the past seven years. I cannot tell you the difference that these crutches have made. My orthopaedic noticed my improved posture and said this was the best he's seen me walk in years (the best you can while on crutches). I have been on crutches for over seven years now and these have drastically improved my mobility. I just ordered replacement rocker feet to replace the original ones as the metal from the crutches just poked through. I should've checked the feet more diligently. I hope they arrive soon so I can get back to using my mobilegs ultra. I'm a true believer in the mobilegs. They are definitely more ergonomically correct. You can get a full stride with these crutches and are not limited by the crutch like with the traditional crutches. I never had much arm pit pain with the traditional crutches; but these have diminished any hand, arm or upper back pain. They're so light and comfortable. I personally recommend buying the ultra. They're well worth the price; especially for a long term injury. I was replacing my old crutches every six months. The handles would peel and leave residue in my house and car. The feet would fall apart within three months. The screws would get stripped on the sides. This doesn't happen with the mobilegs ultra. We do not know if I'll ever get off of crutches, but the mobilegs have made this situation much more comfortable. Thank you, mobilegs!

Review from Gertie from Michigan

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