Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Universal

My oldest daughter was born with a bone disease and has needed crutches to help her walk since she was 7. Traditional crutches would cause numbness in arms and her hands would always cramp. Then as she got into middle and high school, her shirts began to rip and tear under her arms and would go thru shirts in less than a month. One day at a doctors visit her doctor asked if she would be willing to try Mobilegs. My daughter was hesitant at first but as soon as her new Mobilegs arrived she was blown away. The numbness and tingling in her arms and hands are a thing of the past. She is thrilled her clothes no longer rip and tear and can keep her shirts for as long as she wants with no rips or tears. She refuses to go back to traditional crutches and is so greatful someone finally invented a more comfortable way for people who rely on crutches to get around.

Review from Mom from West Virginia

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