Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

I bought the Mobileg Ultra crutches in March 2014 for my periacetabular osteotomy (PAO; hip/pelvic) surgeries. Never having used crutches before, I wanted to be sure that I had good comfort and stability, and the Mobileg crutches delivered that for the 14 weeks I had to use them! I had my second PAO surgery in December of 2014, and I am back on my Mobileg crutches for another 12-14 weeks. The comfort is second to none, and I like how they are wider than standard crutches so that I am not hitting my operated hip with every step. The flame skins that I purchased make me feel like I am going fast (ha!). My only suggestion is recovering from surgery in winter in Colorado, I wish the company made "spikes" for better traction in the snow (these exist with standard crutches). I hope the company considers developing something similar for future Mobileg users!

Review from Jen in Boulder

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