Sizing your Mobilegs Universal Crutches

The fit of your Mobilegs crutches is important for balance, comfort, proper gait, and control. Mobilegs have been designed to optimize the ergonomic fit of crutches. We have provided a video and instructions to aid in this crutch fitting process.

Correct fit is extremely important for crutch use!
Even if you've already been fitted for the Mobilegs crutches, make sure your saddles and handgrips are set at the proper distance, as follows:

Saddle, center post under armpit. Pinch saddle between arm and torso. Distance should be 1” (about two finger widths) below the armpit, with shoulders relaxed.
Handgrip. Place it so your elbow is flexed about 15 to 30 degrees—enough so you can fully extend your elbow when you take a step. Length (top to bottom). The total extended length should equal the distance from your armpit to about 6" in front of your shoe.

ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED! Do not attempt to adjust your Mobilegs crutches alone.

Fit adjustment procedure

Step 1
Adjust handgrip to floor distance while your elbow is flexed 15-30 degrees and the Mobilegs foot is planted on the floor about 6” inches in front of your toes.

Step 2
Adjust handgrip to saddle distance by keeping your elbow flexed about 15-30 degrees, adjust saddle to approximately one inch or two fingers short of the arm pit.