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"I received my new Mobilegs one week after I had to have surgery for my hip. After four hours with them there is no way I will EVER use regular crutches again. Standard crutches caused tingling in my hands, pain in my elbows and pain in my shoulders. The ultra handgrips fit my hands perfectly and the saddle moves with my armpit as I walk, eliminating chafing. I have experienced no pain with my Mobilegs and they are great to walk on. These crutches are amazing and anyone on crutches has to buy them. "
From Ian from Boston on 06/28/2011
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"These crutches are AMAZING!! This is my 3rd time on crutches (1st 2 were knee surgeries, this time a broken foot) and I wish I had found Mobilegs sooner!! After 3 days on traditional crutches, I had more pain from the crutches than my foot! After receiving my mobilegs, getting around is so much easier... as a nurse I know how important ambulation is, and I am sooo thankful for your product! My problem now is deciding if I want the monarch wings or wood mobiskin... Thank you for your wonderful..."
From Tanya from Laguna Beach on 06/23/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My rocker tips are so 'natural' in the way they work with my motion as I walk! The handgrips are far more comfortable than the old style crutch had grips. I have RA and can't close my hands to grip very well, but Mobilegs Ultra make it possible to just slightly curl my hands to a position of comfort. I am so very pleased with their design and comfort. "
From Cathy on 03/24/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"So I had ankle surgery a little over a week ago. Got the standard metal crutches and was surprised at how much it hurt my palms. Ive busted up my legs quite a bit over my life and spent plenty of time on crutches, including about a 2 month period when I shattered my ankle back in 96. That was when I was a young man apparently, because I felt like a bitch on standard crutches this time around. I remembered reading about some new crutches in pop sci last year so I went googling and found them.

From Happy Mobilegs user in Killeen TX on 03/23/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"On Nov 18th I was hit by a car. Through the beginning of December, I was in a wheelchair and not looking forward to going on the crutches I'd been issued [I'd used crutches before after a stress fracture from running]. Very soon after, my daughter told me she had ordered a pair of Mobilegs for me and showed me a picture of them. I actually stayed in the wheelchair until they arrived! Everywhere I go, people comment on them -- strangers, my physical therapists, doctor, friends and colleagues! They..."
From Whitney from Baltimore on 02/27/2011

"I purchased a set of Mobilegs the next day after reading about them in Popular Science since I just had a total knee replacement 1st week in December. They so fantastic and have cut my back pain in half. In fact the 1st day I brought them into PT the therapists played with them for 20 minutes before we did anything. My therapist has told me over the 4 weeks I have been using them how much straighter I stand and faster and better gait I have. I cannot thank you enough because in part your product..."
From Dave on 02/01/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My husband read about the new and improved crutches called Mobi Legs in Popular Mechanics Magazine a while back. So when I broke my ankle during Christmas Vacation skiing, he went online and ordered a pair for me. I spent two weeks with the standard issued crutches and was tremendously sore from using them. Once I got the Mobi Legs my aches and pains were over. They are a must have for people that need to use them. They were extremely comfortable and I found to have more stability with them...."
From Debbie on 01/29/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I just received my Mobilegs a couple of days ago, and I'm extremely pleased with them. I've been on crutches for over a year and a half with complications from a fractured femoral neck, and it looks like I have two additional surgeries and another year and a half on crutches ahead of me. My wrists and right shoulder have been paying a steep price since being called into service for walking, in fact, my shoulder often hurts more than my hip does!

I thought I would build up to using my..."
From M.Wilson Belchertown MA on 01/25/2011

"Great crutch. Very comfortable. My only complaint is the rubber used to make the "saddle" that goes in your armpit really smells. The off-gasing of this particular plastic/rubber smells, well .... toxic. It almost gives me a headache. Hopefully the off-gasing will end soon."
From Matt from Bremerton on 01/12/2011

"Story from Mobi retailer:

We sold one pair already and are hanging on to the other pair for demo. The young woman we sold the one pair to is permanently on crutches and an amazing story. Our manager (who is a tough little lady whose seen it all) burst into tears the moment they left the store(with Mobilegs in hand). We see reasons to be grateful every day.

Global Medical Equipment and Supplies Inc. "
From Jay from Global Medical Equipment on 01/12/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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