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"After suffering a catastrophic hip surfacing failure which included a broken pelvis, I was relegated to crutches for six to eight weeks of toe touch weight bearing. Regular crutches cause huge callouses on my hands, sore arms, sore neck. Looking for a solution online, I found Mobilegs Ultra. They are awesome. Now I am upright without any arm or hand pain. I'm fast too. Mobilegs will make the next month bearable. I have to wear a hip abduction brace which is not a low profile device. Mobilegs gives..."
From Lynn from Los angeles on 02/15/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My mom bought me a pair of Mobilegs Ultra and after being on regular crutches for 5 weeks prior to getting these I just love the mobilegs they are alot more stable and plain crutches were killing my wrists, and I'm happy to say my wrist pain is completely gone.I have and will recommend them to everyone.

Thanks Mobilegs
Danyale from Kansas"
From Danyale from Kansas on 02/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I bought a pair of the Mobilegs Universal crutches on my way home from the hospital in March 2012 for use while recovering from a fractured hip and paralyzed right lower leg. Almost a year later, I am still using them daily as my recovery has been delayed by complications. These crutches have been amazing! They are stable, light weight, great for walking longer distances, they fit easily into the overhead compartment of commercial airplanes for easy travel, likewise into our small car, can be shortened..."
From Dr. Jack from Napa on 02/08/2013
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"After using conventional crutches given to me by an ED Dept., I was offered a set of Mobilegs to use by a ortho service that was evaluating them. Mobilegs are so much easier to use, lightweight, and ergonomically fit and bring crutch use to such an easier task. I fully endorse these crutches a superior to anything I have seen. Now I have to use just one for a few more weeks and again mobilegs does the job much better."
From Pat B on 01/30/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I broke my leg and ankle. Had surgery and was ordered onto to crutches for three and a half months.

After two months on regular crutches, however, my underarms, hands and forearms were causing a whole different set of painful problems. Between the broken leg/ankle, underarms, forearms and hands, moving around was difficult and draining.

Don't make my mistake and take two months to get MobiLegs.

Get MobiLegs as soon as you need crutches. They are infinitely better than traditional..."
From Thankful in Wilmington, Delaware on 01/02/2013

"Don't think twice about the price, buy them. They are awesome. They are very comfortable, very lightweight, and easy to use. I have been using them since 11/13, I had hip arthroscopy and sports hernia surgery."
From Heather from Iowa on 11/27/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra


I'm using my Mobilegs as a cane and I couldn't be happier. I had a very severe stroke and my balance is greatly lacking. I was using a single point cane, but this is far superior. I have so much more balance and confidence with this crutch. Since I had a stroke and only one side of my body works well at the moment, I only use 1. Also, I'm 31, so I don't like how I look using a cane so my new crutch solves this problem since it's a crutch. Highly recommended for anyone with mobility/balance..."
From Tara from WI on 11/25/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I recently had surgery on my foot. A friend of mine sells these crutches and I ended up getting a pair and they are WONDERFUL. I have been on crutches in the past for many ankle injuries, and older crutches are a pain to walk with compared to these. You don't have to worry about rubbing your arm pits or inside of your biceps raw with these. The cushioning support, "suspension" and omni-directional movement of the top portion of the crutch make walking long distances with these almost comforting...."
From Kirk from Bloomington on 09/17/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I have been using Mobilegs Ultra for about two weeks now and the difference is amazing. These crutches are extremely comfortable and a huge upgrade from the traditional crutches that I have been using. I had been experiencing pain in my hands and fingers using traditional crutches. This pain went away within two days thanks to the ergonomic hand grips which are extremely comfortable. In addition, I had been experiencing back aches which went away shortly after using Mobilegs Ultra. I guess..."
From Rob from Chicago, IL on 09/06/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I've had these Mobilegs since March. They have given me wings. They make it possible for me to get around with the comfort and agility of the pre-accident me. After surgery they were the best tool in my arsenal in regaining some sort of independence. I'm scheduled for one more surgical procedure so I'm dreading it less knowing I'll do alright owning a great pair of 'crutches', (That word does'nt do them justice). Thx Mobilegs."
From Jose Del Bosque from Beeville, Tx on 08/10/2012
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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