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"I contacted @Mobilegs from my hospital bed at Mayo Clinic, following the 4th surgery on my femur. They got back to me within an hour and let me know where I could pick up a pair on my way home to the cities.

Having spent a cumulative 2+ years on crutches out of the last five, I've come to find out what works and what doesn't. The hugest problem I faced with traditional crutches was the chaffing on my rib cage. Nothing is cuter than bloody ribs, right? Wrong. Forearm crutches were better,..."
From Erika from Minneapolis on 09/28/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I picked up my Mobilegs Ultra at a US border town and as soon as I tried them I was amazed. They are well built, very easy to adjust and fit my large hands perfectly. I have a badly broken leg which will be non weight bearing for some time and I have been walking on all surfaces with them, even up small hills and ramps. Sometimes I don't even feel like I have crutches as they feel so natural. I would highly recommend these to anyone with a leg or foot injury. "
From Walter from BC, Canada on 09/18/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I am an occupational therapist and recently successfully trialed Mobi legs with two clients. Compared to standard crutches the handle design enables a natural hand position (palm slightly facing back rather than towards the legs), decreases wrist strain and provides support through whole hand. The angle of the post/leg with the "rocker" style rubber bottom also provides a more natural feel. I LOVE this product and wish we could order them in CANADA!"
From Kim from Nova Scotia Canada on 09/03/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I badly fractured and dislocated my ankle about 2 weeks ago. I was told I'd be on crutches (or "non-weight bearing") for at least 6 weeks. When the ER gave me crutches, and I tried them out for the very first time ever (I've never needed them before) I wanted to cry from something other than the pain in my ankle - I could not believe how hard they were to use and how unbelievably uncomfortable they were. I thought I'd be forced to sit on the couch for 6 weeks - a hard prospect to imagine..."
From Jessica from NH on 08/20/2013

"These crutches are just an absolute dream! I just had foot surgery and the thing I dreaded more than the pain was the crutches. So body-conscious are these streamlined inventions that they have been my friends since I first laid eyes on them! Thanks!K"
From Denise, Cincinnati, OH on 08/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

" I was on Mobilegs for several months after hip surgery in March, and cannot stop raving about them. (Any chance I can get some commission on all the sales pitches I made to random strangers in the street?!?) I cringe when I see people on regular, old-fashioned crutches. If I had to do it again, I would not even consider anything besides Mobilegs. I was just on the website to recommend it to a friend, and really cannot believe that only 92% of users said they noticed an improvement over other..."
From ES on 08/13/2013
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I just recently got mobilegs, and I think they're amazing. It's different than using regular crutches. So I have to break them in. I like how the arms tilt back with you when you crutch, and I like how the bottoms are curved, to crutch more frequently."
From Chrystal from West Virginia on 07/02/2013

"These are amazing. I used my mobilegs for two plus months last year following a periacetabular osteotomy (hip socket sawed free and reattached). I have used old-school crutches in the past and can't say enough good things about mobilegs. No armpit pain, no hand fatigue. As my recovery progressed I went for one to two hour walks up and down hills in Washington, DC and felt like I was flying. These are as much fun as a pair of crutches can be."
From Christina, NYC on 06/03/2013
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"Im a patient of the LA Sports Medicine group-Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. I stopped off to see my Doctor on the way to Hawaii recently--on tradition crutches. The cast room guy said to give them a try.

I cant thank Mobilegs enough. Once I got the hang of them-the 1st evening--we flew to Maui. On the 2nd day we were on vacation, I doubled the distance I could walk. First time in a few years I was able to get that far and do it fast. Each day Ive used them, my mobility has improved--dramatically. '

From EG From DC on 05/10/2013

"When I recently had a surgical repair to an old ankle injury, I was so discouraged by my crutches. The traditional sticks were cumbersome and so uncomfortable for my fused wrists and fatigued back. In those first few days, I truly thought my recovery would be hindered by my inability to comfortably get around. Although I had spent nearly a year on crutches with the original injury, I was now 16 years older, with other hindering conditions. Thus, I hit the internet, praying for a better option...."
From Susie from Lake Tahoe on 05/03/2013
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