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"So I had been on crutches for three months when the doctor looked back over me and said, "you have to go back under the knife, we screwed up, sorry". An additional surgery and then an additional three months on these standard, metal crutches that bruise the living daylights out of your body bring me to the point in the story when I met Todd Nelson, the Director of Sales and Business Development for Mobilegs.

We were at starbucks, he was on his laptop, I was with my girlfriend and he..."
From Bryan Levine From NYC to the Minni on 09/19/2010
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I was up against my third ankle surgery when I started perusing the Internet for something different than traditional crutches I despised. The skin under my arms would be callused and my hands would just ache-- not something I really wanted to repeat. About the same time, a design blog I follow did a feature on Mobilegs. I was enthralled! (Crutches aren't something that generally makes one smile, much less get excited. Trust me. I know.) I immediately went to the website and devoured all..."
From Kris from Vermont on 09/15/2010
Product: Mobilegs Universal

"I injured my right leg which caused a lot of swelling and therefore made it hard to walk. I knew I would need crutches to get around but all I could think about was how irritating crutches are to your arm pits, wrists, and shoulders. That's when I found mobilegs! I was amazed at how comfortable and light my mobilegs were. The arm pits were comfortable and the grip put no pressure on my wrists or shoulders. Using mobilegs made getting around so easy and almost effortless. Mobilegs are better than..."
From Mike from Minneapolis on 08/02/2010
Product: Mobilegs Universal

From YouTube Interview on 06/21/2010

"So far so good; I'm finding negotiating narrow areas easier and my thumbs arent sore...that's a big difference :)"
From Kathleen from Mahtomedi Day 2 on 06/08/2010
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"Hi; my name is Kathleen. When I was searching for crutch rental for my third foot surgery in two years, I ran across the Mobilegs website. Although they werent actually available yet, John and his team put together a pair and had them in my hands within 24 hours. This was made possible by the fact that I worked just around the corner!!! I had my surgery today (6/7/10) and the surgical staff was mezmorized!
I have found that they legs are easier to maneuver because of the limited splay that's..."
From Kathleen from Mahtomedi on 06/07/2010
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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