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"I just received my Mobilegs a couple of days ago, and I'm extremely pleased with them. I've been on crutches for over a year and a half with complications from a fractured femoral neck, and it looks like I have two additional surgeries and another year and a half on crutches ahead of me. My wrists and right shoulder have been paying a steep price since being called into service for walking, in fact, my shoulder often hurts more than my hip does!

I thought I would build up to using my..."
From M.Wilson Belchertown MA on 01/25/2011

"Great crutch. Very comfortable. My only complaint is the rubber used to make the "saddle" that goes in your armpit really smells. The off-gasing of this particular plastic/rubber smells, well .... toxic. It almost gives me a headache. Hopefully the off-gasing will end soon."
From Matt from Bremerton on 01/12/2011

"Story from Mobi retailer:

We sold one pair already and are hanging on to the other pair for demo. The young woman we sold the one pair to is permanently on crutches and an amazing story. Our manager (who is a tough little lady whose seen it all) burst into tears the moment they left the store(with Mobilegs in hand). We see reasons to be grateful every day.

Global Medical Equipment and Supplies Inc. "
From Jay from Global Medical Equipment on 01/12/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"Around summer of 2010 I read about your product and instantly thought of my father. You see he's no longer able to work or play because of a Pandora's Box of maladies that have hit him in his later years. In his younger days he was very active and I would actually classify him as an Alpha Male type who was, and still is, very competitive. When his hip went and cancer hit he fought through it all; but was left with an extreme loss of mobility. He refused to confine himself to a wheelchair; mainly..."
From Omar from Los Angeles on 01/06/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"My initial review of product is very positive

Many patients and other medical staff are impressed.

Dr. Laurenzano"
From Dr. James G. Laurenzano on 01/04/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I am a subscriber to Popular Science Magazine. On the 12th of Nov 2010, I had a ladder go out from under me as I stepped onto it, from a 2nd story roof. I fell directly onto my left heel, which amazingly took the entire force of the fall. I did not have a scratch or bruise on my body, but I did have a severely fractured calcaneus. Anyway, I was almost shocked to read (my just received Dec 2010 PS Issue) about the Mobilegs and how they came about. It seemed almost prophetic. After discussing..."
From Marti from Portland Oregon on 01/04/2011
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"Dear Friends--your product is such a break-thru, a vast improvement on an otherwise overlooked and semi-dangerous asset used more and more in an aging population. I feel really fortunate to be among the early users. I have become a staunch supporter, demonstrating the crutches value to any PT, OT, MD, or potential user (all of us) that will stand still long enuf. Good design exisits to be shared. Thanks for keeping the price so reasonable.
New Orleans
From Shirley from New Orleans on 12/29/2010

"Mobilegs has helped me greatly during my rehabilitation process. These innovative crutches are much more comfortable than standard crutches. Mobilegs has helped facilitate my recovery process by keeping me active as I was able I was able to move around so easily during my injury. Mobilegs are contoured in a way that is natural for your body, so you don't end up with the same aches and pains normal crutches give you. In addition to being extremely ergonomic, they also look great and I always got..."
From Alex Wong of 'So You Think You Can Dance' on 12/17/2010
Product: Mobilegs Ultra

"I had foot surgery in mid-June and have had to be non-weight bearing for the past 6 weeks. I recommend getting both mobilegs and the iwalk-free (hands-free crutch).

Without question, mobilegs are more comfortable than standard crutches. I got rid of the old crutches. I now use mobilegs in the house and the iwalk-free when I leave the house. Mobilegs are great for short trips, to get yourself from the couch to the bathroom, etc., but to make food, work out, get groceries, go to the coffee..."
From J from SF on 12/01/2010

"So I had been on crutches for three months when the doctor looked back over me and said, "you have to go back under the knife, we screwed up, sorry". An additional surgery and then an additional three months on these standard, metal crutches that bruise the living daylights out of your body bring me to the point in the story when I met Todd Nelson, the Director of Sales and Business Development for Mobilegs.

We were at starbucks, he was on his laptop, I was with my girlfriend and he..."
From Bryan Levine From NYC to the Minni on 09/19/2010
Product: Mobilegs Ultra
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