Mobilegs Crutch Review

After managing to give myself an Acetabular Fracture from a cycling pothole encounter I have been restricted to 6-8 weeks of non-weight bearing activity.
During the discharge phase I was requested to perform same stair ascending / descending before being allowed home.
Here in the UK the emphasis is on hand/arm weight bearing crutches and with a right arm disability this made it all extremely difficult. After looking through the inventory list they were able to locate some under arm crutches but these were some 5inches too short.
A long story short, I shared my story on instagram and a friend in the US shared his own story and recommended this product. There is nothing comparable in the UK so had to bite the expense. These are super expensive (adding Intl shipping, duty and VAT) but worth the investment.
Comfortable, adjustable to cater for right / left side differences. My only negative observation / feedback is that whilst the hand grips are certainly ergonomic the material itself could be a touch more grippy as this is a significant contact point.
A tiny observation for what is a quality product, sadly lacking here in the UK.

insta : lookmum.onehand

Review from Wayne from London, England

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