Mobilegs Crutch Review

Review of Product: Mobilegs Ultra

Last pair of crutches I will ever use! I am not a stranger to orthopedic surgeries on my hip and knees. I have had to use crutches for extended periods of time many times in my life. This summer, I had a hip reconstruction and was non weight bearing for 6 weeks. I am now partial weight bearing at 9 weeks. I would not have made it through without these crutches. They are the most comfortable crutches I have ever used. My underarms and hands don’t hurt...which is a game changer. I also love that they offer customization skins. Because I was going to be on them for so long, I “pimped” my crutches with lime green skin. My doctor and physical therapist tell me that they are the coolest crutches in the joint. I thoroughly recommend these to anyone needing to use crutches whether it is for a short time or long term. Totally worth the money.

Review from Christine from Pittsburgh

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