Articulated Ultra Saddle design pivots and rotates in tandem with body movement and features 1¼” of built-in dampening. It maintains full contact and will not abrade the soft tissue. The pliable membrane sling provides suspended support, creating a rest for the underarm of unparalleled comfort.
The saddle grips naturally and is well-ventilated for continuous air circulation. The Ultra Saddle is specifically left/right hand oriented.

Ergonomic Handgrips contour to the hand, maintain a natural wrist angle and evenly distribute load across the palm. Ergonomic Handgrips are specifically left/right handed.

Rocker Feet
Shock-dampened, Ultra Rocker Feet with over-molded, long life synthetic pads maintain full contact throughout the stride and are proven to increase ease of use, reduce shock and require less exertion.