Mobilegs - "Best of What's New in Health Care 2010" - Popular Science

  • Highly recommended and praised by our customers.
  • Ergonomically correct design is intended to reduce secondary injury.
  • Lighter and more comfortable than traditional crutches.

Mobilegs Universal

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Price: $69.99
  • Ergonomic and extremely comfortable.
  • Half the weight and wider feet.
  • Amazing improvement over standard crutches.

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Mobilegs Ultra

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Price: $129.99
  • Upgrade to the Mobilegs Ultra for extra comfort and style.
  • Mesh, breathable saddle with piston shock absortion.
  • Ergonomic handgrip molded to contour the hand.

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quotes See what our customers are saying about Mobilegs
  • I spent two weeks with the standard issued crutches and was tremendously sore from using them. Once I got the Mobi Legs my aches and pains were over. ... I highly recommend the Mobi Legs over the old fashioned crutches. - Debbie
  • They are so light and comfortable, they gave me a true sense of stability. My PT people have already recommended them to other patients! And why not, they make you feel like a rock star. - Whitney
  • They so fantastic and have cut my back pain in half. In fact the 1st day I brought them into PT the therapists played with them for 20 minutes before we did anything. I cannot thank you enough because in part your product has helped me get better faster and made life easier! - David
  • So far everyone who has seen my new Mobilegs has been
    impressed. Mobilegs have improved my life AND I get to be a little bit cool too! Being 47 with a fractured hip, I haven't had much of that lately! Thank you for all your hard work to create Mobilegs, I know you will be receiving many more letters like mine from other grateful Mobileggers. - M. Wilson
  • Mobilegs has helped me greatly during my rehabilitation process. These innovative crutches are much more comfortable than standard crutches. Mobilegs has helped facilitate my recovery process by keeping me active as I was able I was able to move around so easily during my injury. They also look great and I always got compliments of how "cool" my crutches were. Thank you Mobilegs! - Alex